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Breakfast for Sa Fe 20 and Su Fe 21

Chef Kevin Rafferty and Mimi have been outdoing themselves on the weekend.  We have had pork belly, caviar and now we have Popeye's Poached Egg with sauteed spinach and tomato, with a poached egg on top.  If you skip the poached egg it is vegan and either way it is delicious.  Better than the late and very lamented McSkillet Burrito.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 2PM.

Out of consideration for others you cannot study or use computers
ANYWHERE in this room during breakfast.

Popeye’s poached egg: sauted spinach and tomato,
poached egg with toasted 7-grain bread  7.50
Buttermilk Pancakes with blueberry compote and
soft lemon curd cream  8.25
Classic French Toast with NH maple syrup  5.75
Cheddar cheese scramble on toasted ciabatta
with tomato jam  5.75
ADD apple smoked bacon  2.25
Fried Egg 1.0:  with carmelized onions,
French feta and spinach pesto  5.75
Fried Egg 2.0: roasted garlic, goat cheese,
and greens on toasted 7-grain bread  5.75
ADD apple smoked bacon  2.25
Grilled blueberry muffin with whipped butter  2.95
Side o’bacon  3.75
Sophia’s of Belmont Greek yogurt with honey
and granola  3.25
French Press Coffee from
George Howell,
or Batdorf & Bronson  3.75

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