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Flavors the sunny First Day of the Week De 12, 2011

We change flavors frequently but these are the ones we start with.

French Vanilla
Belgian Chocolate
Salty Saffron
Malted Vanilla
Burnt Caramel
Wort (CBC beer before fermentation)
Ginger Snap Molasses
Bourbon Chocolate Flake
Khulfee (cardamom, almonds & pistachios)
Chocolate Chip
Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut)
Maple Walnut
Hydrox Cookie
Cake Batter
Grape Nut Raisin
Toasted Coconut
Cookie Dough
Just Fluff
Peppermint Stick
Chocolate No. 3
Cranberry Raspberry
Cinnamon Nutmeg
Butter Almond
Apple Chaider
Italian Egg Nog with Amaretto, Anisette and Grand Marnieer
Goat Cheese Brownie
Coffee Hydrox Cookie

Mango Sorbet
Blackberry Coconut

We have Hot Fudge and Spicy Butterscotch Sauce

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