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Micahel Grossi and Barry Duncan come to Central Square

Michael Grossi and Barry Duncan come to Central Square

Michael Grossi is making a documentary about Barry Duncan, a master palindormist. Duncan is a familiar face in Harvard Square who worked at the now closed Harvard University Press display shop in Holyoke Center. One friend, after arriving in Boston would go immediately to Harvard Square. First he visited Million Year Picnic, the comic book store, and then he would go to the Harvard University Press store to find damaged copies of scholarly works. For the rest of his visit he would attempt to reconcile the two world views. Alarmingly he worked for the United Nations on issues of war and peace. The other friend would arrive from Europe and go to the University Press store to buy as many books as were necessary to make it difficult for him to return to Europe while checking luggage on an any scheduled airline. I have flown on Aeroflot with passengers who may have been shipping dishwashers while claiming they were carry-on luggage. This much book buying creates long lines at airports and in some countries there is another line while the books are inspected for subversive ideas.

Grossi is a Boston College history grad who has moved to Brooklyn.

Here is a bit of the movie.

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