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No More Szechuan Restaurants

Years ago there was a stereotype that Central Square was full of Szechuan restaurants, often named after panda bears. That hasn’t been true for years. The best and only Szechuan restaurant left is hidden at Thailand Cafe and may soon be demolished in favor of new construction. There was a moment when the neighborhood was filling up with Indian restaurants but lately it has been “better” restaurant after “better restaurant.” The new issue of Stuff has a cover photo of what looks like a graduate school swingers’ party at Peabody Terrace, but inside there is one article about Bricks and Mortar and another about Patricia Yeo of Moksa. No restaurant has been as long-awaited as her new “small plates” concept next to Veggie Galaxy, and near The Central Square Theater, Mary Chung’s and The Middle East.

As a name, Bricks and Mortar reminds me of Rank and File, a Texas cowpunk band featuring Alejandro Escovedo, but is considerably more sophisticated, selling clever cocktails. No ‘Gansetts nor any Shiner Bock. Bricks and Mortar is above Central Kitchen and replaces The Enormous Room.

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