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Presidents Day, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Sundaes

Holidays and events are coming at us fast and furious. Over the weekend we had the Harvard Forensics Event and the CRASH-B indoor rowing regatta and then Presidents Day. Get a deal on a new car! Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. Andy is working on a flavor inspired by the Swedish Semla pastry. It will utilize cardamom and marscapone cheese. We also talked about Paczki, a wonderful Polish donut, but decided they were difficult to turn into ice cream. The idea of using stewed plum jam and/or wild rose hip jam is appealing. We will return to these fruits on another day.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and Lenny Bruce had a great story about being arrested for obscenity and taken to a Chicago courtroom on Ash Wednesday. He said he knew he was in trouble when he noticed that the cops all had ashes on their foreheads, as did the court officers. The assistant district attorney had ashes and of course the judge had ashes. And all 12 jurors. The only other person in the courtroom without ashes was his Jewish attorney. “This doesn’t look good,” he thought.

One year I went to a meeting about crime in Central Square and of course all the cops had ashes on their foreheads. One cop had the biggest schmear of ashes I’d ever seen on a forehead. It looked like a mural and it was in the shape of Texas. I couldn’t stop myself from staring, but no one ever knows what his forehead looks like. after leaving church. People don’t rush to check mirrors or take pictures of each other, the way some coffee drinkers photograph latte art. I kept staring and wanted to ask about it but I thought the cop might not like the question; he might think I was being some sort of Cambridge Liberal. But what happened? Did he have a whimsical Mexican-American priest or someone who dreamed of frescoes?

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  • You guys SERIOUSLY need to consider carrying more GRAPENUT! Not grapenut/rum raisin.



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