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Longfellow Community School Director

The following is from the Mid Cmabridge Neighborhood Association.

Once again, the future of our neighborhood’s Longfellow Neighborhood Council (LNC) council and Community School is threatened by a cut in city support being proposed by the city manager. With the retirement of long-time LNC director, Penelope Kleespies in January, the Council has hired an acting director, Sikha Sen, and is planning to fill the position with a new permanent director. However, the city has proposed reducing this position to half time. Without full-time leadership and without adequate space, it will be impossible for the LNC to continue to provide the current level of services to Mid-Cambridge residents of all ages, and even harder to develop new services to meet future needs. The Council and its programs have been without a permanent base of operations since the Longfellow School was closed eight years ago. The program was recently moved to the Cambridge War Memorial Recreation Center on Cambridge Street.

The LNC has served the Mid-Cambridge neighborhood for over 40 years. The programs it offers include music instruction for all ages, yoga, a lecture series”Evenings With Longfellow”, and events in the M-C neighborhood parks. The Council has just published an oral history book about Mid-Cambridge, “From the Heart of Cambridge,” the product of a seven-year project.

We still hope to persuade the city manager and city council to maintain the LNC and Community School services on a par with other neighborhoods, and we are appealing for your help!

Please show your support by signing the petition which can be found at:

You can also cut and paste above url into your browser.

For more information on the LNC, please visit: www. To join the Friends of Longfellow email list of supporters, please email George Bossarte at or phone 617-876-0390.

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