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Haunted Valentine, a new flavor

Haunted Valentine is a new flavor created by chief ice cream maker Andy Dubyoski after a number of conversations over several months with one of our most interesting customers, Peter Valentine. Since we opened in 1981 there has only been one flavor named after a person, Chocolate Sluggo which was created almost at the insistence of Paul Slovenski, then a coach at MIT. We have thought about changing the name of Kenyan Khulfe to Tushar Khulfee who first suggested the flavor based on childhood memories of a dessert his mother made in Kenya. We don’t have a lot of zkenyan customers but those who show up are baffled by the name. Tushar is from Kenya and he suggested the flavor.

Peter Valentine is a man about Central Sqaure, an exceptional housing advocate and a man who designs most of his own clothes. He has offered the store and the neighborhood protection from several calamities. Months ago he explained an evocative ides for a flavor to Andy. After stops and starts Andy created Haunted Valentine from Blackberries, lime juice, grapefruit juice and chocolate bitters. It is delicious, and also unsettling.

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