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Flavors for Leap Year February 29, 2012

These are the flavors for Wednesday February 29, 2012. They change frequently.

I was visiting Somerville’s Artisans Ayslum when a long-time customer reminded me of his request to make Cinnamon Nutmeg. We have some in our freezer so ask for it if we’re not serving it.

Haunted Valentine was made by Andy after discussions with Peter Valentine. Peter suggested we make an unnnerving, “haunted” flavor. This flavor was conjured up with considerations of color and sourness. It is blue, but uses blackberries, and grapefruit juice, lime juice and Chocolate Mole Bitters. Think of Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.

French Vanilla
Belgian Chocolate
Cake Batter
Cocoa Rum Chip
Burnt Caramel
Bourbon Chocolate flake
Grape Nut Raisin
Bananas Foster
Cherries and Chocolate Chips
Honey Vanilla Bean
Cookie Dough
Salt & Pepa Chocolate
Hydrox Cookie
Maple Walnut
Green Tea
Goat Cheese Brownies
Just Fluff
White Coffee
Chocolate #3
Salty Caramel
Haunted Valentine
Thin MInt Cookies
Vienna Finger Cookie

Mango Sorbet
Coconut Sorbet

We always have Hot Fudge and Hot Spicy Butterscotch.

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  • I hope to request these flavors:

    Goat Cheese Lavender
    Vanilla Bean Honey Comb
    Smoked Vanilla Bean
    Elderflower Sorbet
    Cucumber Basil Sorbet
    Mango Basil ice cream

    Thank you for making my world so incredibly delicious!

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