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Letter from Central Square

Last week was like being at the Alamo with Colonel Travis or on top of a burning tank with Audie Murphy. Both Texans. Seasonal weather returned and the pace here at Toscanini’s was close to stately. The weekend will bring warmer weather on Monday.

Friday March 30 is the last Friday of the month and that always means Walk Ride Day. If you ride your bike or take the T, or frankly, simply tell us that you rode your bike we will give you a Free half cone of ice cream. One to a customer so don’t talk everyone on the #1 bus into crossing the street for a Gianduia ice cream.

April 1 means that the City of Cambridge will resume street cleaning and their own tow truck rodeo. So remember what side of the street you live on and watch out until the end of December.

On Thursday, March 29 the Winsor School will celebrate Persian New Year. Sunday is Palm Sunday.

Thursday is the first day of the Boston Underground Film Festival at the Brattle in Harvard Square

The MIT Flea Market doesn’t return until April 15.

Taste of South Boston is at the Seaport Hotel

The Together music festival will start on Sunday, Ap 1 at Somerville’s way cool Artisans Asylum. Most of the action takes place in Central Square.

Andy is creating a Sine Wave flavor containing a green ripple.

Saturday March 31, is Feast Mass.

We’ll be supplying ice cream.

Roflcon is not until May 4.
We will be creating a Nyan Cat flavor.

JP Licks closed its big store on the last block of Newbury Street. Not so long ago this area was Boston’s Harvard Square with Tower Records, Newbury Comics, a Starbucks and JP Licks. Now Harvard Square is not Harvard Square. So …

In central Square Mosca finally opened, and so did its club, Naga.
Jack Barty started Pho Republique and will open a new restaurant/club in Harvard Square called Liberal Servings.

Toscano’s is a good Italian restaurant on Charles Street and a source of some confusion for some people. They are opening a second place in Harvard Square, on Brattle Street.

Tonight we’re serving Raspberry Caramel Sauce in addition to the Spicy Butterscotch Sauce and Hot Fudge.

We’re working on new flavors including a Vanilla Bean Anise that may gain some cardamom. Also Orange Pistachio Khulfee. Andy made Goat Cheese Cherry and will make more batches of Burnt Marshmallow.

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