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Ice Cream Flavors

Ben and Jerry’s makes thirty-five thousand gallons of ice cream a day. We don’t. While we have made hundreds of different flavors since Toscanini’s opened in 1986, only about forty are in regular rotation.

The following sixty flavors make up our core ice creams, sorbets, and yogurts that we made in 2008. We won’t have all of them at the same time but you can count on seeing most of them available at Toscanini’s this summer.

French Vanilla
Cake Batter
Sweet Cream
Malted Vanilla
Lemon Vanilla

Belgian Chocolate
Cocoa Pudding
Black Bottom
Rather Dark Chocolate
Mexican Chocolate
Aztec Chocolate
Orange Chocolate
Chocolate Sluggo
Butter Chip

Lemon Pistachio

Hydrox Cookie
Vienna Finger Cookie
Chocolate Chip
Cookie Dough
Ginger Snap Molasses

Grape Nut
Grape Nut Raisin
Rum Raisin

Grasshopper Cookie
Bourbon Flake
Bourbon Black Pepper

Coffee ICS
Coffee Hydrox
French Press
White Coffee

Blue Lemon
Blue Orange
Mango Ginger

Peppermint Chip
Peppermint Stick

Burnt Caramel!
Green Tea
Earl Grey

Coconut Sorbet
Chocolate Sorbet
Orange Chocolate Sorbet
Mango Sorbet
Lemon Sherbet
Black & Blue Sorbet
Blue & Red Sorbet
Strawberry Honey Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbet
Banana Sorbet

Nocciola Yogurt
Burnt Caramel Yogurt
Malted Vanilla Yogurt
Coffee Yogurt

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