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August 20, 2014

Best of Boston 2014

Congrats to the entire Toscanini's team!

"We can confidently say that we’ve sampled just about every cone in Greater Boston—and scoop by scoop, Gus Rancatore’s Central Square ice cream shop remains unchallenged. The endless array of creative flavors—bourbon black pepper, mango-ginger, green tea—keeps things interesting, but it’s the thick, custardy texture that makes this ultra-rich ice cream the undisputed heavyweight champion of the slow-churned world." 

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August 18, 2014

Announcing our first CHOCOPALOOZA!!

How do you like YOUR chocolate? Fruity? Boozy? Chunky? Dark? Nutty? Milky?
We've been mixing up an overwhelming amount of chocolate flavors this week, which has led us to....CHOCOPALOOZA!
Some of our Boston community favorites are Lemon Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Khulfee, Cocoa Rum Chip, and Malted Chocolate. 

Toscanini's Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream

We have so many great chocolate choices— we're going to be featuring them this week!  

Lemon Chocolate
Orange Chocolate
Cocoa Pudding
Cocoa Rum
Belgian Chocolate
Mexican Chocolate
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Black Bottom

There is a limited supply and flavors vary daily, so come in today for CHOCOPALOOZA! 



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