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There’s no better combination than ice cream with a delicious cup of tea, coffee or espresso. For a creative twist, Boston Magazine recommends trying Toscanini's Vietnamese-style iced coffee. 

(served hot and iced):

We use Barismo Espresso for delicious full-bodied flavor. All of our espresso shots are hand pulled and pressed in order to create a perfect espresso drink every time.

Dark Roast

Dancing Goats

Light Roast

Barismo - changes weekly

Unleaded/ Decaf Coffee Available

Iced Coffee

Dancing Goats - cold brew

Single Espresso

Single shot of our hand-pulled espresso

Double Espresso

Double shot of our hand-pulled espresso

Vietnamese Coffee

Your choice of light or dark roast coffee blended with sweetened condensed milk


Steamed, sweet and foamy milk poured over espresso to create a “cap” of steam milk resting on top of the espresso


Steamed milk blended with espresso. When compared to the Cappuccino, there is less foam floating on top.

Vanilla Latte

Made the same way as a our Lattes except we make our own richer Vanilla milk. We can also create a skim Vanilla Lattes using vanilla syrup mixed into steamed skim milk.

Mocha Latte

Our hand-pressed espresso blended with steamed milk pour over our sinfully delicious homemade chocolate ganache


A dollop of expertly steamed milk floating on top of our hand-pulled espresso


Our hand-pulled espresso blended with hot water. While we do not offer decaf coffee we do have decaf espresso and we can make excellent decaf americano’s as an alternative.


Our hand-pulled espresso delicately poured over a scoop of any flavor ice cream available in-store


We use high-quality loose leaf teas from MEM Tea Imports. They provide us with a changing array of teas that we serve to customers and use to make ice cream.  


Chai Latte (hot and iced)

Our chai spice tea (brewed in house) blended with steamed milk, or cold if iced

Vanilla Chai Latte (hot and iced)

Our chai spice tea (brewed in house) blended with our rich homemade vanilla milk

Hot Chocolate

Our sinfully decadent homemade chocolate ganache melted and mixed with creamy, steamed milk

Hot Vanilla

Our homemade vanilla milk steamed into a warm and comforting consistency


Steamed milk flavored with any of the syrups we have in-store

Frappe (cold)

What we call a very thick milkshake here in New England. Any flavor ice cream blended with milk to perfection. Don’t ask for a Cabinet, that’s a Rhode Island thing.


We can add a shot of espresso to any drink

We can add an ice cream scoop to any drink 

We can make any drink we offer, with soy milk as an alternative


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