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Toscanini's is rated Best Ice Cream in Boston for multiple years. We have been making ice cream every day since 1986, and have world famous flavors like Burnt Caramel, B3, Khulfee and other gourmet flavors.

We produce hundreds of wonderful flavors throughout the year, but we always try to have our signature flavors in regular rotation. We are always trying new things and experimenting in the kitchen. There are 32 possible flavors at any one time and yes, we have free samples.

Toscanini's takes great care to use only the best ingredients for our ice cream to ensure the best quality ice cream, and of course, the most delicious flavors.

In addition to our ice cream made in-house, we offer a changing variety of homemade ice cream toppings including fresh whipped cream made daily. All of our ice cream can be topped with our decadent hot fudge, turtle top (imagine a more magical Magic Shell) and of course, free sprinkles.  And if you call chocolate sprinkles by their given name (Jimmies), we may even give you a few extra.

Today's Flavors

tuesday: it's a snow day today, but come in tomorrow for some cool flavors!

  • b3 (brown sugar, brown butter & brownies)
  • french vanilla
  • belgian chocolate
  • salty caramel
  • berry white
  • cocoa pudding
  • orange khulfee
  • peanut butter cup
  • coffee ice cream sandwich
  • matcha cookies & cream cheesecake
  • bourbon vienna finger cookie
  • goat cheese honey walnut
  • espresso
  • mango
  • coffee
  • earl grey
  • rum raisin
  • lemon lime
  • butter almond
  • strawberry
  • nutella
  • cookies & cream
  • cookie dough
  • blueberry lemon
  • pistachio
  • grapenut
  • salty butter
  • fluff
  • sweet cream
  • grapefruit sorbet
  • mango sorbet
  • coconut sorbet



Not only does our Kitchen provide us with delicious ice cream and cakes, but they also work hard to provide us with other tasty ice cream treats. Below is a selected list of some of the in-store goodies that you may find on your next visit.

Micro Sundae

We're famous for this! A small scoop of any flavor ice cream, packed into a special espresso-sized container, piled high with fresh whipped cream, hot fudge (or special topping, if available), nuts and sprinkles. 

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiched between two freshly made cookies (baked in-house!). Flavors change daily, always delicious. 


An Italian-style dessert beverage that consists of our hand-pulled espresso delicately poured over a scoop of any flavor ice cream available in-store. 


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